Teen Boy Gift Ideas – 12 Awesome Picks

Gavin, my oldest son, is turning 14 next month, so I’ve been scouring Amazon for great teen boy gift ideas.  My son is a gamer, but he is also outdoorsy and enjoys building activities.  I have come up with quite the gift ideas list, so I thought I would share this with you guys.  Looking through gift idea posts is something I love to do around birthdays because I always seem to get some great ideas!

12 awesome teen boy gift ideas



I really enjoy giving my children things they ask for, but there is something extra fun about trying to surprise them too.  My goal is to choose at least a couple of gifts that are not on their list that I pick out on my own.  These are the items I’m planning on surprising my son with.  I hope this list of teen boy gift ideas gives you some great new picks for your son. 🙂

1. Alarm Clock Gun – This is so cool!  It functions as an alarm clock, but also has 2 game modes to practice your accuracy.  My son would love this!

2. Bicycle Lights:  We have needed some new bicycle lights for a while, and every once in a while I’ll see someone riding around with these awesome lights.  My son will love them, so I think they are a great teen boy gift idea.


Daway bicycle lights

4. Multitool Pen – This pen is so cool!  It includes a ruler, screwdrivers, stylus, level, and pen.  What teen boy wouldn’t love it?  I’m pretty sure my son will.

5. Drone with Camera:  I have heard people talking about these drones, and I found a really reasonably priced one on Amazon!  I’m so excited to see if my son will enjoy it.  How could he not?  I think I’ll like playing with it too.

6. 3D LED Illusion Light – This sailboat is super cool!  They have multiple other ones including a really cool shark, but I’m leaning towards the sailboat.

7. Matchitecture Country House kit:  Doesn’t this look fun?  I want one for myself.  The kit includes beams, cutting tool, and instructions to build an awesome house.

8.  3 Season Sleeping Bag:  My son is an outdoorsy kid.  We have always enjoyed camping, but recently he’s been involved with a Trail Life Club, and they go on tons of camping trips which are way more outdoorsy than we have done in our own family.  Basically, he needs a MUCH warmer sleeping bag.  I know he’ll get lots of use out of this one.

3 season warm sleeping bag


9. Elastic Shoe Laces!! I got my son of elastic shoelaces a couple years ago, and he loved them.  Now I’ve found an even cooler variety, and I love them.  Basically, you lace them up like regular shoe laces, but they stretch, so you never have to tie them!  This is probably one of my fave teen boy gift ideas because they are inexpensive, and so you could get them for any teen boy you know.  I’m pretty sure everyone would love them, and they come in TONS of colors.

Xpand elastic shoelaces


10. Tool Kit:  I think that at this age, a tool kit is a great gift idea for a teen boy.  They could all use some practice at this point with general fix-it tasks, and their own tool kit would make them feel more ownership of their work.  I think my son will really enjoy receiving this set.

Stanley Tool kit - Teen Boy Gift Ideas


11. Survival Paracord Watch:  Another gift aimed for the outdoorsy and adventurous teen boy.  This watch comes with a compass, fire starter, watch, whistle, and more survival gear in a compact wrist watch.  I think this would be perfect to take along on any trip.

Paracord survival watch - Teen Boy Gift Ideas


12. Empire State Light Up 3D Puzzle:  This puzzle is just awesome, like all Ravensburger puzzles.  My son doesn’t do as many puzzles as he used to, but he also hasn’t had a 3D light up puzzle, so I think this would be something he would totally go for.

Ravensburger 3D light up puzzle - Teen Boy Gift Ideas


What do you think of these teen boy gift ideas?  Would your son love any of these gift ideas??  I think they will all be hits with my 14-year-old son.

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