The Faves Project: Digital Scrapbooking

The Faves Project by Nettio Designs is something I first participated in back in 2015. I absolutely loved it! If you are a digital scrapbooker, you might know what I’m talking about, but if not, let me fill you in. First, if you aren’t sure what digital scrapbooking is, scroll down through this post and you’ll have a pretty good idea. It’s kind of like paper scrapbooking, but you do it all on the computer instead. I love it because I avoid all messiness that way (well, except on my hard drive!) The premise of the Faves Project is that each month, Lynette (of Nettio Designs) sends you 1 digital template for that month’s faves page. You take that template and create a page with a photo of you along with a list of 10 of your favorite things. It’s absolutely wonderful! They are so fun to make, but the part I love most is being able to look back to the pages from the past and being reminded of my then favorite things.

Here’s my first page of 2017, just scrapped last night!

I had done a couple of faves layouts on my own before joining the 2015 Faves Project, but I love the structure of getting a new template delivered to me each month to remind me to get it done, plus it’s super fun because there’s a Facebook group just for the members to share their pages and chat! Plus, Nettio’s templates are the absolute best. I’ve always loved them. Last week I got an email from Nettio Designs letting me know it was that time again (she runs the Faves Project once every other year)! Yayyyyyy! I signed up yesterday and promptly completed my January faves page for 2017. SO exciting!


I was looking through my past faves layouts, and I just have so much fun perusing them, so I thought you guys might enjoy taking a look too. Also, this post is just in time for you guys if you didn’t know about the Faves Project, but want to get in on it for 2017 at a discount price. She has a deal going just through tonight (2/24/2017) to get the whole year for $29. I’m NOT getting paid for this post or in any way compensated – I just absolutely LOVE the project and thought some of you may not know about it!!

Anyway, back to the point!  First, I want to show you a couple pages I made before I joined the Faves Project.  I had seen other peoples’ faves layouts, but I hadn’t yet joined the club!

These first 2 are faves pages I did for my girls way back in 2011!

This page here is the first faves page I did for myself back in 2012.  That’s the extent of my pre- Faves Project faves pages.

Here are the pages I did of myself for the 2015 Faves Project.  As you can see, I didn’t get the whole year done sadly, but I’m okay with that … I guess.

So fun, right?  I just love looking through what my faves were.  It’s crazy, but even from last year I don’t remember a lot of them.

Another thing I did while doing the Faves Project in 2015 was making some pages for my kids.  This was only a couple months where I went crazy and wanted to do one for everyone, so maybe that’s why I didn’t get my own pages done!  But I’m happy to have these too.  As you can see, in January I made one for all 5 of the kiddos, and in February only 2.  🙂

Well, that’s it for my show and tell today!  Just a fun post.  I hope it tempts you into playing along with the 2017 Faves Project because I’d love you to play along!!

Have you ever done a faves layout or participated in a Faves Project?  I’d love to see your pages – feel free to tag me on Twitter or IG if you do one!


Birthday Scrapbook Page and Mixed Media Monthly Kit

The Lilypad has a super cool monthly subscription where you get an awesome mixed media kit each month.  The best part is there are always tons of gorgeous add-ons you can mix and match with it!  I just HAVE to show you the December kit because it is ahhhhmazing.  I love glitter.  I love purple.  So I LOVE this kit!  The main kit has a kind of end of year/beginning of year theme that would work perfectly for those New Year’s Eve pages, but I just had to do one right away, and I thought it worked perfectly for a page for my daughter’s birthday party too!  It is very versatile.

Here is the page I just finished up using the main kit along with 2 add-ons, the alpha and papers add-ons by Little Butterfly Wings.  This page is for my oldest daughter’s 14th birthday. 🙂


Now, take a look at all the goodness in this month’s collection.  The first three are the products I used to make my page.

The Main Kit for December 2015

M3 Papers Add-On by Little Butterfly Wings:

M3 Alpha Add-On by Little Butterfly Wings (I can’t get enough of this one!!):

You can check out all the available goodies here.  I didn’t use this one yet, but seriously, I think it is so cool – I love prompts. 🙂



My Scrapbooking Wish List!

I don’t know about you all, but I am a digiscrapping addict.  I admit it.  One thing I haven’t done in a while is shopped big time – and I’m due for it!  There are quite a few things that I am absolutely drooling over lately, and I just want to show you all of it!!  My wish lists are getting pretty fat at SSD, TLP, and SO, and I am going to have to snatch a couple of these babies off the list this weekend, but first I have to decide which.  Sigh!

Lately, a few of my fave designers have just been creating so many goodies that are over-the-top, can’t-not-buy-it gorgeous.  It’s a problem for me because I can’t buy it all.  I just want to be on all their teams!!  Wouldn’t that be dreamy…     I’ll stop rambling now and show you the scrap candy!

This first one’s not actually on my wish list….because I snatched it up on DSD last week!  I’m so excited, but I had to show you because it is just to gorgeous not to.  Kristin seriously has a talent for creating just absolutely beautiful kits that are truly works of art all on their own, and this one is no exception.  It has gold in it people, I can’t resist gold.  It’s over at SSD, you can click the pictures to go to the shops. 🙂

Next up is this lovely from Studio Flergs and Amber Shaw.  Gold must be a thing now, and I’m totally into it.  Look at this cool color palette!  Drool.

Back to Kristin again for a minute, because I just can’t not show you this.  I am obsessed with the navy and dark colors along with the gold!  It’s dreamy!

Moving over to my Scrap Orchard wish list, I can’t even tell you how much I looooooove Bella Gypsy.  Their kits are just so….cute, in the most perfect way possible.  They also come up with the cutest themes, and these Thanksgiving goodies are so perfect!  Look at that turkey with the ribbon….I’m…..I need it!

Out of control, right??  And check out these Turkey dinner themed goodies also by Bella Gypsy.  I can’t decide which to get, so the obvious answer is probably both, right?

Now THAT is some out of control painty goodness!

That wood.  Sigh.

I’ve tried not to add too many Christmas items to my lists quite yet…my goal is to wait till I get my Halloween and Thanksgiving and my endless list of fall birthdays scrapped first.  Christmas scrap shopping will be my reward.  But….I mean, look at these goodies at TLP!

Kim Jensen is awesome – her stuff is so unique!

Val (Little Butterfly Wings) is my fave.  I’m crying a little because I used to be on her team and I wish I still was!!  Every single thing she makes is just epically awesome.

Well, there is a whole lot more, but let’s face it.  If you’ve read through this whole post, it probably took you half an hour, so I’ll stop.  Not saying I won’t do it again tomorrow, but I’ll try.  What I actually need to do is stop drooling over kits and actually scrap a few pages.  I’m due for that too.

Is there anything you are just totally drooling over right now?  Link me up in the comments!!

Have a good weekend! 😀