Healthy Candy Bars – No Refined Sugar

These bars are officially titled “Life-Changing Candy Bars” at our house, but really they are just some amazing, wholesome, healthy candy bars, and I hope you guys love em as much as we do!

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I really don’t think I’m being dramatic with that.

Our whole family was starting to get a little bit twitchy about the lack of sugar because …. sugar addiction (more on that here). ¬†We needed to get started experimenting with making desserts, particularly healthy candy bars, outta the good stuff and only the good stuff. ¬†And we did. ¬†When I was making this, I just wanted something sweet and yummy, and what I ended up with was the most decadent tasting healthy chocolate candy goodness I’ve ever tasted.

You guys, as soon as I tasted this stuff, I immediately felt a huge feeling of relief because I knew I wouldn’t be deprived even though I am no longer eating refined sugar! ¬†Yay! ¬†If you guys are scared to quit sugar because of the fear of not having any more yumminess, fear not. ¬†You need to try these healthy candy bars. ¬†Don’t let the word healthy fool you.

healthy candy bars

Let’s get going with how to make these babies so you can eat em up! ¬†They literally take like 5 minutes. ¬†Of course if you want to chill them or whatever, you totally can, but seriously, I can just eat the stuff right out of the food processor.

You’ll need a food processor for these. ¬†I suppose you could try a blender if your blender chops up nuts finely, but mine doesn’t. ¬†This is the food processor I have – cheap and works great.



This recipe only takes 6 easy to find ingredients and about 5 minutes of time (a couple more minutes if you bought unpitted dates like I did). ¬†Don’t be scared of dates. ¬†I was for so long, but it was crazy because they are my new bestie. ¬†Aldi even has them in the produce section!!

15 pitted Medjool dates (also available on Amazon and Thrive)

1/4 cup heaping peanut butter or almond butter*

2 tbsp unsweetened baking cocoa

1/2 cup rolled oats (could also use quick oats)

1/4 c heaping nuts (I like peanuts)

2 tbsp chia seeds (also available on Amazon)

*If you want these refined sugar free, you need to buy a peanut butter or other nut butter that does not contain refined sugar. ¬†They’ll totally work with “regular” if that’s what you have on hand.


Making the healthy candy bars

The first step is for if you have dates with pits in them. ¬†You’ll need to remove them. ¬†It’s not complicated (even though at first I was clueless). ¬†Just slice down each date, pull apart at the cut, and remove the pit. ¬†Easy peasy. ¬†Mmmm look at that caramelly goodness! ¬†Dates are God’ caramel, I’m convinced. ¬†Sometimes dates are not super gooey, and if you want to, you can totally soak them in water for 15 mins or so to soften them up which will make it easier on your food processor, but if they are soft and sticky, it’s really not necessary.


Throw the dates into your food processor.


Add in your peanuts (or other nuts of choice)

Throw in your oats

And your nut butter … I like a heaping measure because it gives you a little bit more candy!

Then add in your baking cocoa to transform these into chocolate heaven!

Toss in your chia seeds for some extra healthy candy bar goodness:

That’s it! ¬†Look at that deliciousness, but just wait …

Put the lid on your processor and go chop this goodness for about 30 seconds to a minute.  It will depend on your processor and how strong it is.

Seriously …. I need to go make some of this right this second!

Go ahead and have a bite of your healthy candy bars mixture!

It’s amazing. ¬†Life-changing. ¬†Chocolatey. ¬†Hubby and I were discussing that this would be SO good just as is all crumbly to top some banana or coconut milk ice cream.

Forming the bars

Now take it and smash your healthy candy bars into an 8 x 8 baking pan or whatever mold you want to use. ¬†My mold was a bit too big this time because both of my 8 x 8 pans were already in use. ¬†It really doesn’t matter. ¬†Smaller pan = fatter bars. ¬†Larger pan = thinner bars. ¬†Thinner bars are sad, but I’ll show you what I did with mine. ¬†It will all be okay. ¬†You could even roll them into balls.

I put plastic wrap in mine so that they’d be easy to take out after. ¬†I highly recommend it. ¬†Don’t you just love seeing those onions in the background?

Since my pan was a bit large and I ended up with thin healthy candy bars, I just double stacked em. ¬†You can cut them however you want, squares, candy bar shapes, whatever. ¬†I cut mine into rectangles that then got cut in half and stacked up. ¬†The moral of the story is it doesn’t matter. ¬†You could totally squish them into a chocolate mold or whatever too, to make them pretty.

Oh my heavenly goodness! Look at these healthy candy bars!!

These were gone in about 30 seconds once I yelled at the kids to grab one!

I cut these into 8 bars which seems perfect. ¬†If you need more, I’d make a separate batch rather than trying to shove more into the food processor because I feel like it wouldn’t mix as well.

healthy candy bars

Seriously, go make some and have your healthy candy bar dreams come true!