My Favorite Money Saving & Earning Websites and Apps

My favorite money earning and money saving apps websites, all in one convenient spot 🙂  Most of these will be referral links.  I just love that they offer credit or points in some way when you share about their products.  Of course I would never include a site or program here that I don’t use and love!

Swagbucks:  I use Swagbucks literally every day, and I get at least $10 in gift cards to Amazon every month absolutely free.  I am not one of those people who does a bunch of extra stuff to get points – I just simply use it as my main search engine and get points that way.  I do occasionally complete an offer or shop through them if I remember or they have a great deal.

Amazon Prime:  If you shop regularly online or have lots of gifts to buy throughout the year, Prime pays for itself in my opinion.  It’s $99 a year or $10 a month (I think).  That gives you unlimited  free 2-day shipping which is, quite frankly, pretty much my best friend.  I really don’t like to shop in stores often – grocery shopping is enough for me.  When I can get something for the same or better price on Amazon with free 2-day shipping to my door?  Yes, please!