Why You Should Start a Blog {and Why You Shouldn’t}

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Why You Should Start a Blog (and Why You Shouldn't). Reasons to start a blog. #blogging #startablog #bloggers #mompreneur #iloveblogging

Do you want, more than pretty much anything, to be one of those successful bloggers?

In this post, I am going to share with you guys the reasons why I think you should start a blog.

I may be biased, but I think blogging is super awesome!  Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, talents, and skills with the world to inspire or help others.  It is also an awesome way to connect with others, and a fantastic way to make an income online.  

Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, talents, and skills with the world to inspire or help others. It is also an awesome way to connect with others, and a fantastic way to make an income. Click To Tweet

Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

Why you should start a blog and why you shouldn't. #writing #blogging #startablog

You love writing:

Do you just love to write?  Do you always have something to say and love having others hear it?  Loving to write is a huge plus for blogging since you’ll be doing it pretty much every day as a blogger! 

You don’t have to be an English major, but you definitely don’t want to hate writing if you want to start a blog.

You have a passion that you desire to share:

Do you love to cook and share recipes with others?  Are you an amazing seamstress and people are always ooohing and ahhhing at your creations?  Are you a skilled photographer and want to share your stuff? 

Being passionate about something is almost a necessity for blogging. 

If you want to start a blog that succeeds, you need to passionate about the niche you choose.  Just imagine how annoying it would be to log in to your WordPress every single day and write about something you were just meh about. 

That does NOT sound like a dream job to me!

You want to help others in some way:

Similar to having a passion, do you feel really devoted to helping others learn about something? 

Maybe you are really informed about healthy eating and nutrition and want to start a blog to show others how easy and fun it can be to live a healthy lifestyle.  Maybe you have a bunch of great parenting tips that you want to share to help new moms thrive.  Do you love to show others how to make jewelry?  Make soap?  Clean houses?  You get the idea. 

There are endless possibilities here, which is what makes it so fun!  A blog is a great platform to be able to help others.

You want to be able to work at home and make an income:

You’ve probably heard before that wanting to make an income is not a great reason to start a blog.  I would agree to an extent, but I still think it’s a valid goal.

Blogging can be a great way to make money and still do something that you love every single day. 

The thing is, if making money is your ONLY goal with blogging, you will most likely fail, because blogging is a lot of work.  If you don’t have some other factors motivating you to press on daily, it will be really, really hard to succeed.  

That being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to start a blog for the purpose of creating a work-at-home income.

You own a business offering goods or services:

If you own a local brick and mortar business or an online business, a blog can be an awesome way to reach more potential customers and connect with your clients.   

Maybe you are a part-time hairdresser from home, and you decide to start a blog to share hair care tips and tricks, maybe even tutorials.  You could also recommend your favorite tried and true products to your customers via your blog. 

Blogs help people get to know you much better than just a static website with hours of operation, services offered, etc.  Blogging shows your customers you care, and it builds trust.  

This works for all kinds of businesses.  Think lawn care, a pet boarding center, craft store, clothing shop, an independent makeup artist…  I can’t think of a single business that wouldn’t benefit from connecting with their audience in a more personal way.  

You want to connect with others:

When you start a blog, a whole new community opens up to you. 

Are you, like me, a stay-at-home mom that craves some adult interaction?  Or maybe you have an unusual passion and you don’t know many people locally that you can connect with to share your passion with. 

Blogging can connect you with like-minded ladies all over the world!!  That’s pretty incredible when you think about it.

Should you start a blog?

Well, if a couple or several of the reasons I just mentioned resonate with you, then I think you have real potential for success if you decide to start a blog.  

Of course, starting a blog is a personal decision and includes lots of factors.  It takes work.  Not just post writing, but marketing, design, and lots and lots of learning. 

When I started blogging, I had this idea that each day I would simply log into my blog and type what I was thinking about, hit publish, and magically all these people would flock to my blog to read it.  Not so.  Not so at all!  There are many facets of blogging that need to be learned and worked on daily in order for your blog to succeed.  

Now, even though this post is about why you SHOULD start a blog, it just wouldn’t be complete without a list of reasons why I think you might want to choose another way to make money online.

Why you shouldn’t start a blog:

You despise writing:

The opposite of what I mentioned above, but if you are going to start a blog and hate to write, let’s just say it is not going to be fun for you.

You don’t like techy stuff:

Unless you are planning to hire professional designers for every aspect of your blog, you are going to encounter some techy stuff when you start a blog.  Installing plugins and widgets, choosing and customizing themes, reading analytics, troubleshooting problems…  blogging can be a very techy job.  Personally, I think it is fun and brings a challenge daily.  I am always encountering road blocks that give me opportunities to learn something new every single day.  

If you don’t want anything to do with techincal stuff, blogging may not be the route you want to go unless you want to pay someone to support you in the areas in which you are not proficient or simply don’t want to learn (or have a techy husband there for you!)  

You expect money NOW:

I’ll be straight with you.  You aren’t going to start blogging and make money by next week.  Sure, there’s a teensy chance that maybe you’ll get an affiliate sale or something, but odds are, you are going to put in months of work before you see much payoff.  

I think this is probably the biggest reason a lot of people give up on blogging.  Especially if you have another job already, it can be really stressful to put in all the time and effort daily without knowing when all that hard work will pay off in the form of a paycheck!  

I’m not saying that if you are broke you should not start a blog, but I am saying that you can’t depend on that income coming in for several months.  You will of course still have to do something else to bring in your income until that happens, which basically means working 2 jobs.  That’s a struggle for a lot of startup bloggers, and it is has been my main struggle as well.

You are a chronic procrastinator:

This is another one that I’m going to say is a reason you shouldn’t start a blog, but I think of it more as a challenge. 

If you start a blog, you are going to have to fight procrastination and disorganization every single day. 

I personally am a procrastinator, but I find I like the challenge.  Blogging actually gives me a way to challenge myself to push through the procrastination to succeed.  More on this topic over here in —this post— (plus there are free blog trackers there!)

What now?

If you are super stoked to start a blog after reading this post, then yay!!  Congrats!  I have several resources here on the blog to help you through the whole process step-by-step. 

You can learn exactly how to start your blog here

Once your blog is set up, you can head over here to learn exactly how to post your first blog post

If you came to the realization that blogging might not be the best thing for you right now, it’s okay!  I don’t want you to be discouraged.  There are lots of ways you can make an income online.  Not everyone is a blogger.  YouTube, E-commerce business, consultant, author, freelancer, web designer … These are just a few possibilities.  Eventually, my goal is to have a section here on the blog dedicated to making money online in other ways.

If this post was helpful for you, I’d love if you would pin it or share it!  🙂

Why you should start a blog and why you shouldn't. Reasons to start a blog. Should I start a blog? #blogging #blog #startablog #wordpress #wordpressblog


So, what do you think?  Is blogging for you?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!  If you have questions or struggles or would like to chat with me about starting a blog, please email me!  I’d love to hear from you and try to help. 🙂

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