How to Design Pins for Pinterest in 5 Easy Steps

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Do you have no idea where to start in creating Pinterest-optimized pins?  Does it seem like nobody is ever clicking through to your posts from your pins?  Having beautifully designed pins is a HUGE factor in getting traffic to your blog or website – learn to design pins for Pinterest right now.  


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p.s. – It’s super easy and fun!  AND I’ve got a special goodie for you to download when you’re done too!

It literally takes me less than 5 minutes to create a gorgeous pinnable image.

This tutorial is for how to design pins for Pinterest using the online software Canva.  Canva is a free and awesome online tool that many bloggers, including me, use to create beautiful pins.  If you are looking for how to design pins in Photoshop instead, let me know in the comments.  I’m currently working on a post for that too!  Seriously though, I am proficient in Photoshop and use it all the time, but I still find myself using Canva a lot for pins because it’s so darn simple and fun.

If you want to grab the free Polished Pin CheatSheet right away…. Well, be my guest! 🙂

If you are interested in learning how to use Pinterest to grow and monetize your blog, then check this post where I talk about my absolute favorite Pinterest resource.

Now, let’s get started!


The first thing I do when I go to design pins for Pinterest is open up Canva and then select “Pinterest Graphic” from the available templates at the top.  If it’s not shown, click on more and type in Pinterest.

Canva is a great tool to design pins for Pinterest, but it’s actually great for ALL your social media graphic needs!  Facebook, Instagram, or just about any other purpose – Canva has you covered.  (This is not a sales pitch, haha.  Canva is free!)


How to Design Pins for Pinterest - Click on Pinterest Image


After choosing Pinterest Graphic, you should see a blank vertical image ready for your design.

The next thing you’ll want to do is choose a background for your pin.

Personally, my favorite thing to do is upload a photo to use and then place an on-brand colored overlay over the photo at a reduced opacity.  I love to choose bright photos for my background.  You can take your own photos or use stock photography.  Canva even has stock photos right in their platform to use which is pretty cool.

A few other options you have are to use Canva’s background button on the left and look through and find a background you like or use a solid color background.  You can also just use a photo without an overlay.

If you are designing a pin for Pinterest for a DIY project or recipe, then definitely don’t use an overlay because you want your potential pinners to really be able to clearly see that scrumptious food or beautifully crafted project so they can be drawn to pin it.


To upload a photo, click upload which is the bottom icon on the left area.

You can also edit your image within Canva by selecting the photo and then clicking the filter button which is right at the top to the right of the black section on the left.


How to Design Pins for Pinterest in 5 Easy Steps - Background Image


If you want to have a colored overlay like I do, select elements on the left, then shapes.

Choose one of the rectangles.  It will show up as a square on your image, so then just grab the corners and stretch it to cover.  It can be past the edges, it’s totally fine.

Next, click on the color picker.  Not gonna lie – I looked for this thing for a LONG time before I figured out how to change the color!  I knew it’d be there somewhere, but I just couldn’t find it.  I’ve highlighted it for ya in the image above so you don’t have to spend your time looking.  Welcome 🙂


How to Design Pins for Pinterest in 5 Easy Steps - Color Picker


They have some auto-chosen colors, but what I do is choose on-brand colors.  What am I talking about, you say?

Well, if you haven’t chosen brand colors yet, you need to!  It’s important to have a cohesive look for your blog, Pinterest, and social media, and colors are a big part of that.

And … Moving on.

Choose a color for your overlay.  Then, go to the little grid-type icon at the top right of the screen and click it.  That’s your opacity slider.  Another thing that took me a little bit to find.  I dunno, maybe I’m a slow learner!

I like to reduce the opacity just enough that you can start to see your photo beneath, but that is totally up to you and the look you want to achieve with your pin!

How to Design Pins for Pinterest in 5 Easy Steps - Opacity Slider



Okay, now that you have your background set, the next step to design pins for Pinterest is to add a strip of color somewhere on your pin image with your website address on it.

This prevents people from stealing your image, and just helps with brand recognition overall.

I prefer to usually place my address bar at the bottom of my pins, but you can put yours at the top or wherever your heart desires.

So, what you need to do is go over to elements, then select line.  I just select the first item, the thick white line.  The size doesn’t matter because you can drag and adjust as you see fit.

Just plop that on your pin graphic and then again choose the color selector.  Pick your color.

Now you are ready to add your blog address.  Just choose text on the left, scroll up to the top and choose body text.

Oh, and you’ll want to choose a font you like for this.  Try not to use anything too cutesy for this part so people can really read it since it is tiny.

You can choose a larger size, but I think that it is best to keep it pretty small not to take away from your pin’s message or distract from it.

Just type your .com address on that bar. 

Mine is looking like this:


How to Design Pins for Pinterest in 5 Easy Steps - Address Bar



Now, click on text again and choose a heading.  Type your text right onto your graphic in the box.

After typing it in, you can adjust it at the top by changing the font, size, alignment, and color.

There are tons of cute fonts available, but be careful.  Make sure that people are going to be able to read it, otherwise that pretty font is going to do no good at all.

Just like with colors, it is pretty important to pick some fonts for your brand and stick with them.  If you are clueless on what to choose, I think a nice bold upper case font is a great choice, and one I love to use.  I think it really gives a professional, bold look to my pin designs.

Another thing I really love to do when designing pins for Pinterest is to make most of my font one color, but choose one or two keywords to make another contrasting color so they stand out. 

I’ve done that below with the word Pinterest.


How to Design Pins for Pinterest in 5 Easy Steps - Title



Technically, my pin looks pretty good as is… if I do say so myself.  However, I can play with it a little more!

This is the part where what you do might vary widely depending on the pin that you are designing.  For this specific pin, I want to call attention to how amazing your pins will look if you design them following my 5 easy steps, so…

First, I’m going to add the word gorgeous, and then a couple of arrows using the elements option.

Just play with it!  The fun part about Canva is that after you follow these steps a few times, you’ll naturally start experimenting and find your own style and what you love most. 

It is important to try to find a look you love that you can apply to all of your pins for Pinterest so that people will start to recognize your brand. 


How to Design Pins for Pinterest in 5 Easy Steps - Extras


PRO TIP:  Want to make your pin extra irresistible ?  Try adding a mockup or reference to a freebie that your audience can receive if they click through to your post!



You’re almost there!  You’ve got a gorgeous pin ready to add to your blog posts and pin to Pinterest.  Now, you just need to download the design so you can add it to your blog post.

Just click “download” at the top right to save and download your design as a .png image.  Then, it will show up in your downloads folder.

Well, that about sums it up!!

Please let me know what you think of this tutorial, or if you have any questions!  If you are interested in learning even more about how to design pins for Pinterest that will really increase your click thrus and saves, you are in luck.  

I’ve created a super handy FREE Polished Pin CheatSheet for you with more design tips, specific steps to optimize your pin for Pinterest and SEO, plus places to record your brand colors and fonts so you can keep track of them for consistency.  Grab it below!  


I love having this checklist laminated in my blogging binder as a quick and easy reference every time I’m creating pins for Pinterest!


How to Design Pins for Pinterest in 5 Easy Steps - Extras


Let me know in the comments below what you need help with most in your blogging biz!  Also, I’d love to hear what you think of the cheatsheet!  <3

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