Sugar is Killing You – Here’s How

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The Dangers of Sugar – The Sweet Poison

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dangers of sugar

I have known for a long time that sugar is not a nutritious food. ¬†I have been told, “Don’t eat too much candy, it’s not good for you” many times. ¬†However, even though I know this, it never really sunk in deeply. ¬†I didn’t give it much of a second thought until recently. ¬†My husband was watching a documentary about health problems in America and mentioned to me that sugar was really dangerous. ¬†For him to get really concerned about it, I knew that there had to be some evidence and major issues there, so I began to research. ¬†It did not take long before I discovered a whole slew of incriminating information.

If you are anything like I was (and still am), you will probably not want to read this article because you don’t even want to know. ¬†You straight up don’t want to give up that indulgent, happiness-inducing sweet taste you crave. ¬†I assure you, though I have given up refined sugars, I have NOT given up sweetness. ¬†You certainly don’t have to either. ¬†There are plenty of sweet things that are naturally grown, so you will not have to deprive yourself. ¬† The only good thing sugar does is tastes good. ¬†I assure you many, many other things taste just as good without the dangers.

The Purpose of Eating

The main purpose of eating is to nourish our bodies, right? ¬†Food gives us the nutrients we need to function optimally. ¬†The pleasure of eating is no small thing either. ¬†One problem with sugar is that it has SO many negative effects, plus it offers us nothing in return – no protein, no vitamins, no enzymes – nothing. ¬†Here are just some of the many, many reasons that sugar is in fact a poison and should not be consumed. ¬†I know some people say everything in moderation, but with this evidence, I don’t want any part of it. ¬†There are plenty of healthy sweet foods to eat instead. ¬†I never want to touch the stuff again.

sugar is poison

Reasons Everyone Should Quit Sugar:

It weakens your liver:

When you eat sugar, it is broken down into glucose and fructose.  The fructose is what causes the problems.  The only way it can be broken down or metabolized is by the liver.  This is not a problem if you are eating a plant-based diet with some sugars from fruits, but if you are eating a standard American diet that includes massive amounts of sugar in a single sitting, then your poor liver is going to have trouble.  The excess sugars  end up being converted into fat (yes, FAT).

If you are eating tons of it daily, you are going to get an obnoxious amount of fat buildup which will lead to fatty liver disease. Fruit is not what causes these problems. ¬†What I’m talking about here is all the processed gross stuff that is put in candy bars, packaged snack cakes, even pasta sauces, cereals, and, well, pretty much 90% of processed foods.

SUGAR contributes to type II diabetes, obesity, and heart disease:

Excessive sugar in our bodies causes insulin to stop working correctly. ¬†Our cells become resistant to it because they are so overloaded. ¬†This leads to all kinds of dangerous problems, especially type II diabetes, which in turn can lead to other serious complications. ¬†No fun. ¬†I don’t know about you, but I want nothing to do with causing disease in my body. ¬†Drinking sugary sodas is a huge contributor to type II diabetes as well.

Sugar causes cancer:

You know how I just told you about how sugar causes insulin to stop working correctly in our bodies?  Well, this is BAD because insulin plays a big part in regulating cell growth and multiplication.  Cancer happens when cells are multiplying and growing in an abnormal way.  Eating sugar basically causes your body to not be able to control these growths, so you are basically giving cancer a free pass to grow itself in your body.  No thank you.

Sugar promotes obesity:

I’ve covered this a bit, but see, eating sugar is a big bad cycle. ¬†First of all, it causes all kinds of trouble in our bodies, but then secondly, it also doesn’t cause us to feel full when we eat it. Instead, eating it makes us want more and more. ¬†It’s like a drug in the fact that it is incredibly addictive. ¬†You know how you can eat like half a bag of Skittles in 1 sitting without feeling full? ¬†Maybe that’s just me. ¬†Anyway, the fact that this dangerous substance is so addictive AND doesn’t cause us to become full is a double whammy, and just majorly increases the dangerous effects in our bodies.

Sugar causes heart disease:

Isn’t it crazy that in our society, it seems like we choose a food to target as the bad guy, and focus on that so much that we ignore everything else? ¬†I remember as a teen, it was fat. ¬†Fat was what made you fat. ¬†Makes sense, right? ¬†There were all kinds of fat-free or low-fat products produced, and they were just totally sugar laden to make up for the lack of fat in them so they would still be palatable. ¬†Well, guess what? ¬†It was a total hoax. ¬†Sugar is the big culprit.

Sugar raises blood sugar, insulin levels, and it also raises your bad cholesterol (LDL). ¬†Guess what? ¬†Those are all major risk factors for heart disease. ¬†Now I’m not saying eating fats constantly is good either, but they are not the only bad guy here. ¬†This is a bit off topic, but honestly, if you stick with plant-based sources for your sugars and fats, you are going to be doing very well. ¬†It’s when you get into the processed crud that you start to have issues.

And there are plenty more …

While researching the dangers, I found so many lists of the negative effects. ¬†I didn’t research all of these. ¬†I picked out what seemed to be the most dangerous or life-threatening ones to really look into. ¬†If you are curious about more, a quick Google search will get you to lists of all kinds. ¬†Some of the other negative effects of sugar can include osteoporosis (weakened bones), rotting teeth (we have all heard this one), wrinkles and skin aging, gallstones, ulcers, damaging your immune system so you can’t fight disease as effectively, arthritis, eczema, and worsening eyesight.

All in all, I think the evidence is overwhelming that sugar is, in fact, a poison. ¬†The fact that it is all over the grocery store in attractive packaging, being passed off as food, just makes me mad. ¬†It should not be like this. ¬†My kids are not thrilled when we go to the store now – when they see a delicious-looking package of chocolate, of course they want it. ¬†So do I, because over the past 36 years of my life I’ve been conditioned to think sugar = yummy. ¬†Sugar = delicious. ¬†Sugar = happiness. ¬†We need to educate ourselves and retrain our brains to associate sugar with poison, disease, addiction, drugs, and danger.

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Now, you guys are probably saying, okay …. great.¬† I NEED chocolate!¬† (Or maybe that’s just me having a give-me-chocolate pitty party over here).

If you’re in that boat, you are in luck, because I have a super duper yummy delicious recipe for a healthy candy bar that is chocolately and SO good.¬† Check it out here.

Healthy Candy Bars Recipe by Kelley Hays

I’m curious what you guys think.

Do you avoid sugar, or are you new to the party like me? ¬†I’m not going to say it’s easy – there’s that addiction – but the desire to avoid these negative effects is stronger for me. ¬†I have tried all kinds of diets over the past 15 years, and I have never felt the way I do now. ¬†Before, it was just about losing weight and looking better. ¬†Now, it’s about health and not damaging my body and my children’s bodies. ¬†And now that I know, how can I not change our ways?

Disclosure:  I am not a physician, and any information found on my blog should not be considered medical advice.  You should always seek professional medical guidance for your unique situation.

20 thoughts on “Sugar is Killing You – Here’s How

  1. Kristie of ceoMom says:

    This is definitely tough. I try my very best to cut out sugar and of course for my kids as well, but there are some things I just can’t let go lol. I love cinnamon rolls and Kit Kat bars. But I know so many of the things you mentioned are absolutely true.

    • kelleydh says:

      Ug, Kit Kats!! I feel ya there! I love them too. I think key is finding a super yummy treat that is healthy that you also love. I have a really amazing candy bar recipe coming soon that is 100% healthy. I know it is helping my family get through the withdrawal process! Cinnamon rolls is another hard one. I’m sure there are recipes out there that are healthier and without sugar, but it might be one of those things that just doesn’t compare to the original.

    • kelleydh says:

      Hi Clarissa! Yes, I agree with you, it is very tough! I think the key is having ready substitutes on hand so that when that sugar craving hits, you can have a natural sweet. I’m not super familiar with paleo, but I’m sure there are options. I know that having dates and nuts on hand has been critical for keeping my kids happy with the switch! Thanks so much for visiting ūüôā

  2. Yes! I read about the dangers of sugar a while back, and did the Whole30 to get rid of my sugar addiction. It was really hard, but it taught me so much. I had no idea how much sugar is in everything processed. Everything! You’ve included so much great information.

    • kelleydh says:

      Yes, it’s definitely a hard pill to swallow!! I don’t think there’s a single one of us that hasn’t become sugar addicted. ūüôā

  3. so many of my clients struggle with sugar and i’ve been there myself but once you’re past that you just feel so much better…thanks for sharing these tips!

    • kelleydh says:

      He has watched multiple, but I believe the first one that got him hooked and started a Netflix health documentary binge was Forks Over Knives.

  4. Really useful topic to bring up…especially the way that fats have been so demonised and replaced with things that are worse. High sugar low fat foods – I used to eat a lot of these. They are not in any way filling, and you are so right, you can go back and eat a whole multipack of most sugary foods! I haven’t given up sugar completely but prefer to eat something I baked myself, probably with the full fat, and have it in moderation. I am breastfeeding my third baby in four years and feel like I need the cake to get through! Really interesting post ūüôā

    • kelleydh says:

      It really is hard. I’m finding the best way is to go through everything I’ve got in the cupboards, and then take one at a time to find substitutes. Like for canned tomatoes, we ended up finding that Hunt’s tomato sauce and diced tomatoes (at least the big cans) had no sugar, and were also BPA free and GMO free (another story there LOL). It can get overwhelming, so taking baby steps is the best I think!

  5. I became aware of the evilness (not even an understatement) of sugar in a similar way; Hubby watching a show. The difference is he is the one who is all about research (seriously, he’s a machine!). The funny thing is I was already off sugar because I had gestational diabetes, controlled solely through diet. Honestly, his research just solidified what I was already feeling. I was craving sugar so badly it was painfully apparent that it was addictive and therefore DEFINITELY not a good thing.

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