Foil Art Plaques Kids Art Project Tutorial

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Foil Art Plaques Kids Art Project

I’m not sure where I originally go the inspiration for this fun kids art project, but I am so happy I did!  These foil art plaques turned out so beautifully.  The great thing is that you can make so many different variations – just for a fun kids art project, or even make them really nice for a wall hanging or decor piece with a favorite verse or quote on them.  I really hope you enjoy this project!

Foil Art Plaques Kids Art Project

The Project

Without further ado…..let’s get to this fun kids art project!  We will be making these fun foil art plaques.  In making this art project, you will get to explore texture and design, and use a little bit of mixed media fun to create a unique piece of art.  I love projects that can actually be used to hang and decorate with, and this is one such project.  Maybe make a name plaque like I did, or one with a favorite saying of yours.  Or create a design of your favorite animal, or even a crazy self portrait.  You can really choose anything you’d like for this one!

Here are the 2 plaques I created with this awesome foil art method:


Foil Art Plaques
Foil Art Plaques


What you will need:

-Cardboard of any size you’d like for your plaque

-Heavy duty tin foil

-Dull pencil

-Glue (craft or Elmer’s)



-Paint or shoe polish

-Twine (optional, but makes the project faster)

I made a video to go along with this kids art project so that you could follow along that way if you’d rather.  However, I’ll warn you that I reference a homeschool creative arts program that I was originally going to do.  I haven’t done it.  It’s as simple as that, and I’m so sorry!  I guess I got a little bit too much mojo at the moment!!  I may do it in the future, but for now, just ignore those references and just enjoy the project, kk?  😀


What you’ll do: (if you want to SEE how we did it, please check out the video!

  1. Decide on a design.  You can do this by trying out designs on paper first, or, if you are the confident type, go ahead and draw it right on your cardboard.  It doesn’t matter what you use to draw with – pencil, pen, marker, crayon, whatever.
  2. Trace your design with glue.  If you are going to use the twine (which is my fave way to do this), then you will only need a thin line of glue.  If you don’t have twine or just don’t want to use it, you’ll need to squirt on a thick line of glue (and then let it dry for a day before continuing).
  3. If you are doing the twine, cut pieces and attach it to the glue, basically creating an outline of your whole design with the twine (or yarn)
  4. Cut a piece of foil a little bigger than your plaque.  Turn it over and apply a thin coating of glue, then press it down on the front of your cardboard design.  You want to adhere it to the cardboard and try to make your twine or glue lines show through.  It won’t look too great at this point, it is fine.  Just turn it over and tape that foil down nice and smooth.
  5. Next, take a cotton ball or swab and go over your design with it to press that foil around your twine lines or glue lines.  You want your design to pop up so you can see it, and to do that you need all the foil pressed down well.
  6. Now go back over it with a dull pencil, tracing around your design to get it to pop even more.
  7. Take the dull pencil and carve gently into your cardboard creating designs in the blank space.  The more design you carve in, the more cool it will look when you are done since that is where the paint will sit in the crevices. You can do geometric designs, doodles, words, or draw pictures.  Whatever, just fill it up if you want!  I filled mine completely.
  8. The last step is to paint it.  Pick a color, or two, or three.  Okay, however many you want!  Just make sure you don’t mix them all together and end up with brown…unless that is what you want.  🙂  Brush that paint on so it gets down in all the grooves.  Then, take a paper towel or cotton balls (you’ll need several) and wipe the paint off gently.  You don’t want to wipe too hard or you will wipe it out of the cracks, so go gently at first.  You should be left with an awesome design with colors peeking out in the cracks.  I think they look awesome!

What do you think?  Is this is a kids art project that you think your children would enjoy doing?  Do you want to do it yourself?  I know that I want to make more!  Definitely tag me on Instagram @kelleydq or Twitter @kelleydhays so I can see what you created!