Tommy Bartlett Show Wisconsin Dells Review

Hey guys!  The family and I took another trip out to the Wisconsin Dells back in June, and we had such a great time.  We ended up going to the Tommy Bartlett Show, and it was a very pleasant surprise.


I mean, I had been checking out Tommy Barlett’s website for a while and really wanted to see the show, but the tickets were pricey for 7 people, and I just didn’t know if the show would warrant spending that much, so we never got around to it.  Well, this time, our fave resort, Wilderness Resort, just happened to be offering FREE Tommy Barlett show tickets!  I was seriously so excited!

I was thrilled that we were able to take the kiddos to the Tommy Bartlett Show, but I still didn’t expect what we saw when we were there.  I expected cool, but what I got was so over the top incredibly awesome.  After seeing it, I can see why the ticket prices are what they are.  The show is long, incredibly exciting, and has tons of great acts.  I’m not the greatest writer (at all), and I know there is no possible way I could convey the coolness of this show with words.  So, I figured I’d show you a few shots I snapped during the show.  Keep in mind, there was TONS more than this.  I didn’t photograph nearly all of it!

Here’s the fam waiting for the show to start!  We got great seats. 🙂


The Tommy Bartlett Show started out with the water portion.  These people are crazy talented (well, and just crazy).  I mean seriously?!





It was funny because I honestly thought the Tommy Bartlett show was all about water.  I had no idea there was more to come after the skiing was done!  This next pic is a guy who did some type of air water-skiing.  It’s a thing, really.  He was jet propelled or something.  I’m no scientist, so that’s my explanation.  But basically he was flipping around in the air with rocket-type things on his feet.  Pretty cool!


Then, when we all thought the show was about over, after about an hour, they switched it up and did the on-stage performances.  I’m mad at myself for not taking enough pics of these acts because they were so cool!   Honestly, I really think that somehow I lost some of the pictures.  You know how sometimes you upload your pics to the computer, and then move them around into folder?  Well, I feel like I must have accidentally misplaced like half of them or deleted them or something.  There is no way I didn’t take more pictures of the on-stage stuff.  Maybe someday I’ll be looking through another folder and find them!  I sure hope so …

This pic here is the only one I’ve got of the stage acts.  This guy was out of control.  He is an incredibly talented gymnast who does tricks with his cute little dog!


Overall, the Tommy Bartlett show was the highlight of our trip as far as special things we did outside the waterpark!  We’ll definitely go back!

Have you seen the Tommy Bartlett show?  Let me know in the comments!

Tommy Bartlett Show

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