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Are you a homeschooling mama like me who gets just  a little insy bit overwhelmed with the crazy array of homeschooling goodies available out there?

Homeschool Math Curriculum

Homeschool math curriculum is no exception, at least for me.    My oldest daughter is 15, and except for a year and a half when we tried public school, I’ve been homeschooling ever since.  I have a little bit of experience I think, and we have tried more than a few things over the years.  Not nearly as much as lots of other mamas out there, but a little.  I figured I’d share my list of faves – what has worked for my kidlets and what we love best.

I have 9th, 8th, 6th, 5th, and 3rd graders this year, so there is a bit of variety here.  That’s a good thing, right?  I’m not going to go into tons of detail on level-specific homeschool math curriculum in this post, but I want to show you my favorite products and ones that I feel are worth using or at least trying out to see if they are good fit for your child.


Our Current Picks:

9th Grade:

Homeschool math curriculum became a bit more complicated once I hit high school levels because I don’t remember some of the concepts anymore!  Whenever my daughter needs help with her math, I definitely have to do a little bit of research now.  Jennah is currently using to brush up on her Algebra skills, and she is really enjoying it.  When she finishes that, we will move on to another program, possibly Teaching Textbooks.  At this level, I love to mix it up and try to learn similar concepts in some different ways.

8th Grade:

Gavin’s current homeschool math curriculum is one that I found on Schoolhouse Teachers, and we are really liking it.  The course he is doing is Pre-Algebra.  It’s a pretty basic, no frills program, but it is straightforward and to the point, which is what Gavin likes.  Basically, I subscribe to Schoolhouse Teachers, and so I now have access to tons of courses for one fee.  It is very economical.  I go in and save the units to my computer, and then email Gavin one unit at a time.  He completes the lesson, does the problems, and emails me his answers for me to correct.  Our system with this course is working out very well!

6th Grade:

My 6th grader, Braden, is doing a combination of things for math this year.  His main text is Math Lessons for a Living Education.  I love these books because they bring interest into the math lessons via  a neat story line woven throughout the book.  These books are some of my favorite math books we’ve ever tried, by far.  He is also using the Math Drills from Classical Conversations and these super fun multiplication wrap-ups to review/learn his multiplication tables since that is a struggle for us.

Math Lessons for a Living Education level 5

Multiplication wrap ups for homeschool math curriculum














4th Grade:

My 4th grader is doing a very similar combination to my 6th grader, but with the Math for Living Education level 4 book.

Math lessons for living education homeschool math curriculum

3rd Grade:

Carter, my 3rd grader, has the same homeschool math curriculum as the 4th and 5th grader as well, using the level 3 book of Math for Living Education.

Math lessons for living education level 3 homeschool math curriculum


All-Time Favorite Homeschool Math Curriculum:

Life of Fred Math Books

These books are literally like no other math program ever.  Seriously.   But guess what?  My kiddos are obsessed with them.  They literally have never actually said they “liked” any math program except for Life of Fred.  My oldest daughter’s Life of Fred book is one of the items sitting on the sad little list of things yet to purchase.  She’s not too happy about that.  I don’t know if your kids will like it like mine do, but I have repeatedly read reviews of parents who said their kiddos love it too.  I’d say it is definitely worth at least trying one.

You can check them on Amazon which is where I usually get mine.  They also have them at Rainbow Resource, but I’m just too addicted to Amazon Prime to usually wait (though they don’t always have Prime shipping on these there).  I know Educents also has them, and they might be a bit of a better deal.  Definitely check if you are interested.  They basically follow the story of a little dude named Fred who is like 5 or something, and he is also a professor at Kittens University.  It is a crazy hilarious story that interweaves math (and other stuff) throughout.  Very cool.  If my kids had to pick 1 homeschool math curriculum to only use forever, they’d hands down pick Life of Fred.

Xtra Math

I absolutely love Xtra Math!  It’s just so deliciously simple to fit into any math program, and it is great daily practice on the basic math functions regardless of what my kids are currently studying.  All of my kids are doing Xtra Math daily except for my 9th and 8th graders because she has passed all 4 levels (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).  I believe once the child can do all the facts in under 3 seconds, they pass the level.  It only takes a few minutes a day, so very easy to fit in.  Hands down my fave math website for practice, and bonus, it is free.  I’d pay for it, but I’m happy I don’t have to.

Times Tales

Times Tales is an awesome little program for learning multiplication facts.  It is so fun and painless, and I feel like it is can totally eliminate the difficulty associated with multiplication if you start earlier and just read through the stories with no pressure from early on.  They have a Times Tales DVD and a Times Tales Book.  

Times Tales homeschool math curriculum


Teaching Textbooks:

This is the homeschool math curriculum I’d buy for all my kids if it was in the budget.  It’s fun, self-grading, and highly effective.  We’ve used a couple levels and loved it!  I just wish it were a teensy bit less expensive.


That about sums up my faves and the things we are currently using.   I have used many other programs, but these are definitely the standouts.   Most of the others we have tried, we have stopped for other reasons, such as it just not being a fit for us or too expensive,  so I chose not to include those for now anyway.

I’d love to hear what your favorite homeschool math curriculum or programs are and/or what you are using this year!!  😀


This post does contain affiliate links, which means if you do happen to buy something at one of the sites, I will be compensated for referring you at no extra cost to you).  I’d be totally thrilled if you did that, just saying. 🙂